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Winning Isn’t Everything…It’s the Only Thing!

Winning Isn’t Everything…It’s the Only Thing!

It is with sincere pride that I announce having won the Marina Business Seat on the Downtown Community Planning Council (DCPC) during the 2015 Elections held on Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17.  I was previously elected to DCPC representing Little Italy (Residential Tenant Seat) and look forward to continued service of the Downtown Community with an amazing group of leaders.

Michael Rosenbaum DCPC Candidate Forum

Michael Speaks To The Crowd at DCPC Candidate Forum

Over the last two years our group has made a meaningful impact in the community, evaluating and approving multiple new projects while otherwise working with City Council and Civic San Diego to make Downtown a thriving community for residents, tourists, businesses and the rest of San Diego County.

Other members elected this cycle include James Lawson, Larry Cline, Judith Radke, Pat Stark, Andrea Ferentz, Alex Ward Claudia Escala, Figaro Nauta, Kimberly Brewer, Luke Vinci, Bill Orabone and Scott Barnett.  These individuals, some of whom have served previously, are all committed community leaders that I look forward to serving with.

A special thanks to Laura Garrett who has served DCPC for several years and is now departing the group having led with grace as Board Chair the past few years.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to get to know Laura admiring her leadership, fairness and ability to lead by example.

Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR) Caravan Visit

Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR) Caravan Visit

Continuing a change in my schedule during 2015 as a supporter of new Loan Officers joining my branch (American Pacific Mortgage located at 419 West G Street San Diego, CA 92101) I spend Wednesday morning with colleague Javier Alvarez visiting the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR) carvan and pitch session.

Having spent the past several years growing my business as a member, supporter, board member and volunteer at other caravans/associations (Downtown, METRO, Coronado, REBA/La Jolla and others) it has been fun expanding my reach by joining new groups and meeting new professionals in surrounding areas.

Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors

The PSAR group meets at their association offices in Chula Vista drawing a large group of agents and affiliates servicing the South Bay and surrounding areas.  As expected there were several friends and associates that I know well from the industry while I met new individuals who I’ll look forward to getting to know going forward.

I found the meeting to be organized and lively, focused on the business while taking time to address ethical and other related issues relevant to the market.  Javier and I will both be joining PSAR formally and taking time to help the group prosper and grow.

Vote For Michael – DCPC Election: Marina Business Owner Seat

Vote For Michael – DCPC Election: Marina Business Owner Seat

Dear Colleagues, Family and Friends,

For the last two years I’ve had the honor to serve my community as a member of the Downtown Community Planning Committee, a neighborhood planning group in San Diego.  Elected in 2013 to represent the Little Italy Community, I’ve had the opportunity to make an impact on the development and growth of Downtown San Diego.

Vote for Michael

Vote for Michael Rosenbaum – DCPC Elections

During those two years we’ve all watched downtown prosper and grow:  New parks, family housing, affordable housing and streamlining permit requirements are just a sampling of the impact our group has accomplished working as advisory to Civic San Diego, City Council and San Diego Planning Commission.

I am proud to have personally spearheaded the DCPC website, social media communication and creation of more visibility and participation for our elections to make the group more representative of the entire downtown community.

Earlier this year my family and I moved from Little Italy to the Marina District requiring me to vacate the seat (I was elected as Residential Tenant/Little Italy) but I’ve remained an active and supportive member of the group.

It is my sincere pleasure to announce that I’m running again for DCPC, this time as ‘Marina District/Business Owner’ with my company branch located on G Street in the historic Royster Building.  All business owners (or their designated representative) as well as Investment Property Owners within the Marina District are eligible to vote so please come support my candidacy and help me make our future in downtown great!

Elections are Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17, all of the election information is linked here.  http://www.caloansource.com/dcpc