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MARYAH Summer Solstice

MARYAH Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Invite

It’s time for MARYAH’s 9th Annual Summer Solstice.  This years event is on Thursday July 30th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and is being held at The Headquarters at Seaport.  The venue itself is very cool,  it is the old San Diego Police Department headquarters which has now been turned into a beautiful center that is home to many great shops and restaurants.

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This years Summer Solstice is featuring live music by Sean Aguirre,  hosted bar, a live art show by the amazing Clarione Gutierrez, and much more!  I am a very proud supporter of MARYAH {Metro Area Real Estate Professionals For Young Adult Housing} and was more than happy to be an event sponsor this year.  This event benefits The Center’s Youth Housing Project.

If you want to go to this great event and would like to buy a ticket you can do so at MARYAH.ORG.  Tickets are only $30 but do benefit a really good cause.

Comic Con Comes Back To San Diego

Comic Con Comes Back To San Diego




It’s that time of year again where all of the comic book junkies, Nerds, and stars show up in San Diego for the amazing Comic Con.  Each year that this event comes to town it brings with it Super Hero’s, Villains, and people dressed in some seriously crazy attire. (A girl dressed as a tree just walked past our office, think branches coming out of her head)  While this event isn’t all about dressing up it is fun to people watch and see what everyone is wearing.


Some of the buzz this year is about Batman v. Superman.  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are set to be in town this weekend to talk about their new movie.  Have you seen the trailer for this movie?  I’m on the fence with this one, Batman against Superman… how could they?  The final line of the trailer is Batman asking Superman “Do you bleed? You will!”  Watch the trailer for yourself and let me know what you think.  Click here to watch trailer.


The other big thing this year is Star Wars: Episode VII.  J.J Abrams its Jewish Director will be hosting a panel on the movie.  I’m extremely interested in this one.

Did you know that Comic Con was actually started by a Jewish comic-strip letterer 45 years ago, and was held at the US Grant Hotel.  His name was Shel Dorf.  He actually helped organize a similar event in Detroit where he was originally from.  Comic Con was originally called The San Diego Golden State Comics Convention.


There is so much going on at this year’s event that there are sure to be many star sightings and kooky goings on all around San Diego.  If you are out and about in San Diego this weekend and spot something awesome snap a picture of it and either email it to my marketing coordinator Heather at heather.garcia@apmortgage.com or post it on my Facebook page and we will pick the best Comic Con photo and post it on our Facebook page and here on our website.


Millennials Making The Move Toward Home Ownership

Millennials Making The Move Toward Home Ownership


Now is the time to buy for many millennials.  Many are first time home-buyers looking to make an investment into their future.  Downtown San Diego is a prime location for millennials looking to stay where the action is and also own a piece of the American Dream. Millennials are poised to overtake the baby boomers and become our largest group of home buyers in 2015.

Today people are more educated than ever before, with websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin buyers are constantly in the know about what homes are for sale, current interest rates, and are gearing up to make their purchases.   Here are some helpful tips to making your first time home buying experience a smooth one.

  • Know what you qualify for
    • Sit down with a loan officer and go over your finances before you start looking.
    • Bring everything your loan officer asks you for to determine what you qualify for – Every document that is requested is important so try to be a thorough as possible.
    • Decide what type of loan will work best for you – will this be a long term home for you or just a short term investment?  The answer to this will help determine what loan works best for your individual situation.
    • Start looking at homes in your qualified price range
  • Understand the process
    • Once you have found the perfect place you will sit down with your realtor and make an offer based on your budget and the listing price.
    • If your offer is accepted be sure that all of your documentation that you have given to your loan officer is up to date.
    • Your loan officer will get started on your loan and order the appraisal on your new home.
    • Once your loan has been approved, the mortgage company’s underwriter may ask for some additional supporting documentation.
    • Loan Documents will be sent over to Escrow to be prepared for you to sign with a notary to get you one step closer to completion.
    • Once the mortgage company has received the signed loan documents back from the escrow company they will finish the loan process and get your loan funded.

The first time you go through the loan process you may feel a little overwhelmed, but if you know what to expect it may make things a little easier on you.  Stay in communication with your realtor and your loan officer so that you are aware of any issues or can help if they have question.

Are you a first time home-buyer? I would love to help you answer any questions that you may have.  Please call me today and lets sit down and chat about what your options are and get you started on your road to owning a home.