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The Fab 5 – The Most Important People You’ll Talk To While Buying Your Home

The Fab 5 – The Most Important People You’ll Talk To While Buying Your Home

When buying a home there are five people who you want to save in your phone.  Heck you should save them as your favorites, those numbers that ring through even when your phone is set to Do Not Disturb.  These five people are the lifeline between you and your new home.

Loan Officer- 

Before you start looking for homes or putting in offers, you should do a little research and find a lender that you trust, get some ideas of interest rates, and get pre-approved.  This will be one of the most important steps in purchasing your new home.  Once your loan officer has determined what you qualify for you can start looking for a realtor and looking at homes.  Being pre-approved will make you appear more serious to sellers, giving you a leg up on the competition.  I like to make sure that my clients fully understand the process that they are about to begin.  Keeping them informed of each step of the process eliminates a lot of questions and concerns later on in the process.


Once you have been pre-approved it is time to contact a realtor and begin your search.  Your realtor ideally will work full time in the area that you are looking to purchase your future home.  They will know the surrounding area and can help steer you in the right direction of homes that will work for you and fit into your price range.  Your realtor should be easy to get a hold of and in constant communication with you.  Choose someone you will work well with and has your best interests in mind.

Loan Officer Assistant-

On my team Duggan, my assistant is someone who you will hear from regularly.  Duggan will keep in constant communication with you and request all of the documentation needed for your loan. He will send out updates to you, your realtor, your escrow officer, and myself.  This communication is vital during the purchase of your home, it takes out a lot of the guess work.


Your new mortgage will require a lot of paperwork, and your loan processor will guide you through that.  Michele, my processor and Duggan work hand in hand to get your loan done efficiently and in a timely manner.  While Duggan works at the front end of the loan, Michele is in the trenches day in and day out working hard to get your loan submitted to an underwriter and approved.  Once your loan is approved your processor will request any additional documentation that the underwriter may request.  This is completely normal.  The key to successfully completing your loan without any problems is being an active participant in your loan.  When the processor requests documentation or information, be prompt and respond quickly.  Return requested documentation within 24 hours of being requested.

Escrow Officer-

When buying your home and going through the loan processes you will also work with an escrow company.  The escrow company acts as a neutral third party between the seller and you.  They will be holding the money that you will be providing to purchase your home.  Your escrow officer will make sure that the terms of your contract are met and that all monies in the transaction are distributed accordingly.  This would include pest inspection, appraiser and lender fees and any other fees associated with the loan.  Your escrow officer will also be the one who will call you at the end of the loan and set up a time with you to sign loan documents.

These five people are going to be the most important people to you while going through the process of buying your home.  It is important that you do your part and keep in communication with them throughout the process.  You all have a common goal, to complete the purchase of your home quickly and efficiently.

If you are thinking about buying a new home and aren’t sure what  you qualify for give me a call today and lets have a conversation about what you qualify for and get you started on the road to home ownership.


Michael Rosenbaum On Real Talk Radio

Michael Rosenbaum On Real Talk Radio


I was very excited to be invited to be a guest on Gerry Burchard‘s new radio show, “Your Money Matters” on Real Talk San Diego on the 3rd.  It is always a pleasure to get talk about what I love.  Gerry Burchard is a great friend of mine and a Realtor with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty.

It was great to get to speak about my involvement in the community with The San Diego Downtown Community Planning Council and about lending in San Diego. As a top rated lender in San Diego this was a great opportunity for me to speak with my peers and also to give the listeners some valuable information.

You can listen to the broadcast here.

michael s rosenbaum san diego mortgage on mr credit radio show

MARYAH Summer Solstice | We had a blast!

MARYAH Summer Solstice | We had a blast!

Our entire team is proud to have sponsored and attended the MARYAH Summer Solstice this past Thursday 7/30/15, another outstanding event benefiting The Center.   Much like the previous events,  MARYAH Casino Royale & Poker Tournament,  Harvest Howl, and their Spring Soiree, bringing together METRO and Downtown Real Estate communities and supporters, we enjoyed great, libations and music in support of this great cause.

Representing our group for the event at ‘The Headquarters’  was myself, my business Partner Alex Scoma and his wife Natalie and our staff member Michele Theel and her husband Rob.  It was a beautiful summer evening with a near full moon (the next night it was a ‘blue moon’) at a great location a block from our branch office in the Marina District of Downtown San Diego.

11807323_10206884003715554_7977435383699416582_o 11802825_10206884004475573_2209481343078085097_o

Particularly amusing was the auction of a tiger painting made by a local artist during the event.  During the live auction hosted by James Crandall of Ascent Real Estate  I was standing near the front with current METRO  host Mary Beth Kellee and her partner Phillip Frederickson.  As usual I was gabbing with them in my typical animated style, waving my arms around.  All of a sudden I hear on the microphone from James, “Michael Rosenbaum bids $650.00”.  Standing in front of hundreds of individuals I realized I had just accidentally bid on the painting and looking sharply at James thought I saw a slight smirk on his face acknowledging he had just trapped me into this bid.  As he called out repeatedly for the next bid of $700.00 to no avail I prepared to make the donation until at the last moment another individual stepped up releasing me from the obligation.



Thanks to all the MARYAH leadership, supporters and event attendees for making the event so special.  Looking forward to the ‘Harvest Howl’ and future events!