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Welcome Marketing Coordinator Heather Garcia

Welcome Marketing Coordinator Heather Garcia

150225-APMC-Heather-smallOur team is thrilled to extend the warmest of welcomes to the newest member of our team (and family), Heather Garcia. Heather will be taking on the role of Marketing Coordinator, supporting all loan officers in our branch with their online and offline marketing efforts, assisting in my role as Publishing Coordinator for the Downtown Caravan and will serve on the Affiliate Support team for the Metro Caravan and Coronado Real Estate Association. as well as several of the community organizations our team supports including the San Diego Downtown Community Planning Council. Heather brings an extensive background in the mortgage industry along with event planning and online marketing. We look forward to all of the talent and energy that Heather brings to the table. Please stop and say hi and introduce yourself next time you see Heather out and about in the field.

Fare Thee Well…Craig Vinecombe!

Fare Thee Well…Craig Vinecombe!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, wishing the best to one of my longtime team members Craig Vinecombe as he and his wife Tonia leave San Diego on this next journey in their life together.  Craig has worked on my team since 2012 as Project Coordinator supporting all aspects of marketing, office facilities, vendor management and special projects cementing his status as a key part of our growing team through the years.

Farewell Craig Vinecombe

The Team Says Farewell to Craig and Tonia

Back when I was initially seeking a technology and marketing expert I reached out directly to Craig having working with him years before in the technology industry.  I had confidence in his skills, personality and ethical standards knowing he would be a perfect match to help the team prosper and grow.  Craig felt the same and jumped at the opportunity, the rest is history.

About a month ago Craig tried to sit me down as I was running out of the office.  He wanted to have a conversation and as usual I was on the move, ready to brush him off but he wouldn’t have it.  Following me out the door it was obvious he had something big to share and wasn’t going to let me run off without a conversation.  Finally he got me to focus and let me know that he and Tonia had decided to pack it up and live their dream by hiking the Appalachian Trail – over 2000 miles in the wilderness and a 7 month journey.

Before he could get to the question I asked him, “Are you coming back?”.  The relief and emotion was obvious as Craig was carrying a burden,  unsure of what my reaction would be and if he would have a place on the team upon his return.  In truth our entire team supports his courage to take this adventure while hoping he does in fact return to make a future impact on our group.

How often do you come across people that demonstrate the qualities Craig has brought, a true leader that brings a gentle but confident grace to his work.  A trusted colleague and friend – Craig has become like family and I can’t imagine how I would have survived some of the hardest personal obstacles these past few years without him.

Craig, you will be missed.  Fare thee well my friend, stay safe and come back soon!

DecoBike Has Arrived in San Diego!

DecoBike Has Arrived in San Diego!

decobike san diego 1The next wave of crowdsourced transportation has finally arrived in San Diego. DecoBike, a bicycle sharing program has started in San Diego. Late in 2014, bicycle rental stations began appearing throughout the streets of Downtown San Diego, and over the past few weeks, the bicycles have arrived.

Residents and visitors alike have been spotted in the downtown and metro areas pedaling these new bikes, fully equipped with lights and baskets, providing yet another way for San Diegans to get around town.

Riders can rent bicycles from rental stations placed strategically around town in 30 and 60 minute increments. The self-service automated stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are just over 180 rental stations and 1,800 bikes available throughout the city. Currently stations are located in all across Downtown, as far north as Hillcrest and east towards North Park. Plans to set up rental stations in San Ysidro, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and Pacific Beach are in the works.decobike san diego 3

It makes us happy to see San Diego residents and visitors taking advantage of the new wave of crowdsourcing while also making healthy decisions to ride instead of drive and benefit the earth as well by limiting our carbon footprint.